Yes, we're better.

Why We're Better

We want our clients to get the office of their dreams while confidently knowing they can count on us.
We offer the first ever $10,000 On-Time, On-Budget Project Promise & Extended Warranty.

SBCo is a leader in customer service.

We want our clients to get the office of their dreams while confidently knowing they can count on us. We offer the first ever $10,000 On-Time, On-Budget Project Promise & Extended Warranty.

  • Project Promise – At Superior Builders, we believe that working with integrity is foundational to who we are and we refuse to compromise. Superior Builders not only gives the “real number” for every project, but, if for any reason under our control, your project goes over time or budget we will write you a check for $10,000.
  • Extended Warranty – When you choose Superior Builders, you’ll also get the peace of mind of an extended warranty. Our Doctors receive an 18 month warranty on our construction projects. It’s service you can count on!

Superior Builders Co. is unlike any other builder. There are three solutions for your needs.

Turnkey Office Build-out Service is the best option.

SBCo’s Turnkey Office Build-out Service is a first-of-its-kind, streamlined and vertically integrated methodology for you to start your new office in the most efficient way possible. Exclusively offered by SBCo, this service teams you with a group of experts in every category of service needed to make your dream a reality. Our in-house team of experts can guide you through the process of design, equipment and construction while aligning our services to fit your specific budget, tastes and timeline.

Instead of having to interview, negotiate with and manage up to six separate organizations who all have their own interests in mind, you can now work with just ONE organization and ONE point of contact.

This completely removes the risk of cost overruns, project delays, finger pointing and unnecessary stress. Instead, you’ll have a team that can give you more flexibility and streamlined communication with no change orders or conflicts of interest. It’s simple: we have YOUR best interests in mind. And the result? You get exactly what you want with the best price and schedule available.

With our Turnkey Solution, you get access to world renowned architect and dentist, Dr. Michael Unthank. Superior Builders is proud to be the only construction team endorsed by Dr. Michael Unthank.


Custom Negotiated Build-out Service

Do you love our services but want to team with one or some of your favorite vendors? We can make that happen. We understand that every project approach is as unique as the practice behind it. Our Custom Negotiated Build-out Service is the first and only approach of its kind in the dental world. With this service you can custom fit our services with your existing team.

You can add the budget and schedule flexibility that comes with combining services in-house. The more categories you pick, the greater control of the outcome you’ll have, all while working with the team that makes you most comfortable.


Construction Bid Service

We’re happy to work with any project team of your choosing. For our Construction Bid Service, we approach your project through the traditional approach: through your architect with two other bids from other qualified general contractors. We’re confident that our team experience building over 100 medical and dental offices will make your project a success! However, we bid projects a totally different way than your average GC.

Did you know change orders can drive your project costs by as much as 20-25%? We don’t do business that way, so when you hire us, you receive accurate pricing and scheduling quotes that you can rely on.

Sure, this means we will have to work harder, and we might miss out on a job from time to time from not having the lowest “initial” price. At SBCo, we believe working with integrity creates a strong foundation, and we won’t compromise. We stand behind the “real numbers” for every project we build, and, if for reasons outside OUR control the schedule or price is exceeded, we will write you a check for $10,000.

Dr. Michael Unthank, Architect, Dentist

Who Designs Your Office Does Matter.

Michael Unthank is not only a top architect, he is also a dentist–a dentist who has successfully designed over 2,000 dental and dental specialty offices throughout the world. Dr. Unthank understands the flow of an office. He gets what you need; he gets what you want. He speaks your language and can expertly translate that into the perfect design. As he always says, “it costs more to build it wrong than to build it right.”

Superior Builders exam rooms
SBCo front office design
Superior Builders reception area build-out