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Guaranteed Smiles

  • 1,876 S.F. Interior Renovation of Dental Office
  • $46.61 / S.F. Construction Cost
  • Built in 9 weeks
  • Carpentry and millwork
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • Equipment
  • IT

SBCo. designed a custom cabinet for an x-ray head allowing Dr. Aleksanyan to access one x-ray for two operatories. This solution provided a compact, beautiful space with added efficiency that saved money.


Superior Builders and Dental Solutions worked with Dr. Aleksanyan to create a beautiful, functional dental office complete with top-of-the-line equipment and technology.

Project Description

Dr. Aleksanyan had been practicing dentistry in an older building and even though the place was nice it wasn’t her. She wanted to create something more inviting and modern that would offer patients a comfortable setting but at the same time have a homey feel. This new office is much bigger and is much more open, and seems larger. The design helped improve the flow and production of her practice. With the help of SBCo, she received several fun add ons that she hadn’t expected. Not only was she able to remodel her office, she was able to order her equipment and purchase her technology, all in one convenient place.


  • Challenges: Dr. Aleksanyan says her project was very smooth. There were small challenges for example, a some plumbing needed to be moved.
  • Solutions: SBCo explained the changes and completed the project on-time and on-budget.
  • Major Successes: Colleagues discouraged Dr. Aleksanyan from working with a company that provides everything under one roof. She was pleased that SBCo incorporated construction, equipment and IT all in one company and because of that it was so much easier and allowed her to concentrate on her patients.
I’ve heard horror stories about other dentists building offices and how the project got delayed. In my case, I feel like everything went so smooth, so I am a big advocate of SBCo. I personally would refer my sister so that says a lot.
Dr. Margarita Aleksanyan