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Rocke Orthodontics

  • 1564 S.F. Interior Renovation and Tenant Finish
  • $41.62 / S.F. Construction Cost
  • Refresh with new flooring, drywall modifications, paint and millwork

SBCo was able to save most of Dr. Rocke’s old equipment to save more money


Added ergonomics to improve staff’s health and productivity

Project Description

Rocke Orthodontics came to SBCo looking for a newer looking, modernized office. The practice is located in a medical office building, so Dr. Rocke needed the process to fast, easy and not disruptive. He had talked to other contractors but wasn’t satisfied with their proposals or their lack of knowledge. Dr. Rocke was specifically interested in better aesthetics, craftsmanship and ergonomics for his practice which Superior Builders delivered on time and on budget.


  • Challenges: CEPH machine moving company wasn’t prepared and building was not to code.
  • Solutions: SBCo redesigned the ceiling structure to allow for the HVAC problems and code issues plus helped move and build the CEPH machine to remain on time.
  • Major Successes: The new ergonomic design of the office helps the staff work more efficiently.

Steve Siemers and Mark Buchkowski understood my needs and made sure that I was comfortable with the process. Steve used his expertise to successfully redesign my practice and overcome hurdles. I especially enjoy the aesthetics that went into my orthodontic practice.

Dr. Paul Rocke